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I am a proficient essay writer with tremendous experience of over 10 years. During this time, I had the opportunity to tutor various clients with their assignments. The tutoring profession allows me to learn beyond my talents and skills to serve those in need. I offer the best tutoring services by exceeding customer expectations. When a customer consults me for education services, I usually check the instructions to acquaint myself with the work's requirements and ensure that I can assist sufficiently. I only coach when I know I have the expertise. My experience allows me to tutor at various academic levels, including doctoral, master's, bachelor's, and high school levels.

My tutoring services comprise:
- Draft development consultations
- Giving directions on how to develop the best outline, thesis, or report
- Informing customers how to ensure vocabulary enrichment
- Tutoring on how to access quality academic sources and development of annotated bibliographies
- Coaching on how to develop remarkable PPTs and brochures
- Tutoring customers on how to do exemplary article and book reviews.
- Give directions on how to write a business plan employing the most recommended format.

I have coached numerous subjects, but I approach each major with an open mind and a willingness to tackle new challenges. I read all the customer's instructions and any additional requirements for the assignments before giving my tutoring services. More importantly, I coach based on extensive research and intense reading. I have access to some online libraries, including Academic Search Premier and ProQuest, some critical online resources to get peer-reviewed articles to support my tutoring arguments. Tutoring is my unrelenting passion.

Customer reviews

Powerpoint Presentation With Speaker Notes

This Writer is very skilled and always does fantastic work.

Essay (Any Type)

Excellent writer!! Nick did a last minute assignment for me and did everything that was asked!! Everything was completed on time as well!

Case Study

Nick was awesome...he did a good job. I have hired him 4 times.

SWOT Analysis

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Essay (Any Type)

I recommended this Writer very highly!!!

Essay (Any Type)

always does a perfect job

Questions & Problems

Always deliver excellent work .

Essay (Any Type)

Good work. I recommend this skilled writer!!!

Essay (Any Type)

Thank you

Short Answer Questions

Great work!!! The writer is very recommended!!!

Business Proposal

Provided excellent work for my research presentation. Definitely would recommend this writer for your presentations!

Essay (Any Type)

Nick gets the job done and he was early with two of my papers. I'm about to hire him for a third.