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I am an eloquent expert with over five years of experience in academic tutoring. I help students achieve their educational goals and objectives by aiding them through research and guiding them to deliver quality papers. This includes ensuring they follow the assignment’s instructions, differentiate between academic and non-academic sources, and ensure their papers are grammatically correct. I have a rich, diverse, and in-depth knowledge of various subjects, including:
- Nursing;
- Healthcare;
- Psychology;
- Medicine and health;
- Business and Management.

Originality and academic honesty are among the essential aspects of academic integrity. I understand the gravity of plagiarism and its consequences on the client’s academic achievement. My job is to train and educate my clients on the different forms of plagiarism and how to avoid them. An overlooked area in the development of essays is proofreading. I urge my clients to read their essays out loud to correct vagueness, spelling, and grammatical errors. My academic expertise in tutoring includes but is not limited to:
- Preparation of drafts and outlines;
- Proofreading and editing;
- Internet search for resources;
- Essay formatting;
- Reporting.

In a broader context, I believe that an exceptional writer is a blend of ability, responsibility, writing knowledge capabilities, and competence to tutor clients within a given timeline and enable them to deliver. Over time, I have developed a sense of urgency such that a client can request my tutoring services in a short period and achieve their goals beyond expectations. I strive to be exceptional in my tutoring career to help students excel academically and achieve their dreams. My experience and ability give me this opportunity to deliver and perform beyond expectations.

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Easy to work with and finished ahead of time. Essay had a few issues but overall was a good start for me to make a few changes and add the additional sources that were required. In her defense, she offered to add the other 2 required sources, but I had already made the changes, so no need to have her make corrections and additions at that point.