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Psychology Nursing English

I have been in this domain of professional tutorship for more than three years and have worked with different customers on different subjects and assignments. Working with many customers has shown me the importance of engaging the customer throughout as they complete the task. I know a few things about being a tutor, including honesty and the ability to build rapport since it is beneficial in completing any piece of work successfully. When it comes to formatting styles, this is where my prowess shines the brightest.

I guide my customers in working on different types of tasks:
- PowerPoint Presentations
- Outlines for research papers
- Formal research papers
- Proofreading, editing, and professional rewriting

I always help students avoid plagiarism. They should learn that paraphrased papers might also show plagiarism if they present information that is not of general knowledge to anyone. A plagiarism report is necessary and is permanently attached when the work is completed to prove that it is not plagiarized.

With all the above noted, do not lose trust when working on a paper because quality is always my target.

Customer reviews

Business Plan

He did a great job on this paper. I still didnt have to edit much and when i requested for an edit he was able to fix it. Highly recommend. This is my third paper with him.